Tuesday, 25 March 2014

So, There are many reason why people fall away from following God and stop coming to church. So today I thought I would help people to see that coming to church should be entirely for themselves.

The reason you should come to church is one that is both selfish and selfless. There are only two people you should be coming to church for, God and yourself. You need to come to church for God because that is what he has said to do, weather you feel you need other people to support you in your faith or not God has instructed us that we need to do this and he knows best.

The most important reason for coming to church is to take the sacrament, These emblems that represent Jesus Christ are not there just to remind us of our savior but to also renew the covenant or agreement we made at baptism to follow Jesus Christ, a sort-of fresh start every week with the goal of getting better. If you don't go to church for any other reason, this one is important enough that you should make every effort to do so.

There may be times when you are unhappy with the people who attend church or you feel you don't get along with them or want to see them, if you are not going to church because of other people, it means you are allowing them to decide your future, because they are influencing your own relationship with Jesus Christ,  They are preventing you from becoming closer to him and our heavenly father and that is not something you want, to have your own salvation put on the line.

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